This page gives an impression of the custom bags and accessories I made in the last few years.

When I started creating bags and accessories, I made a lot of different items, most of them custom orders for existing clients.
Their suggestions often generate a spark of new designs ideas or color combinations.
Last year I made the decision to limit the custom possibilities exclusively to variations of existing designs. The reason for this was that unique custom orders can take quite a bit of time drawing the unique designs, making single use patterns and test prints and samples. This started to limit development of my own creations and the refining of existed designs.

These days customers will sometimes request a bag, as seen in my shop, in a different color, but most custom orders I receive are for small accessories. A lot of clients ask me to make tassels, iPhone cases, iPad cases, Moleskine covers, card cases and other small items. It’s fun to do and the leather and color combinations are almost unlimited. A few of my custom made items are displayed below. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

To get an idea about what sort of items are possible to custom order, check out my Rinartsatelier shop ( accessories) and Rinarts shop (bags and purses).
And don’t forget to browse through my section of SOLD items for more inspiration! It’s possible I still have the leather you like in stock, just drop me an e-mail to inform.

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