A few weeks ago I gave a workshop “make-it-yourself leather tote in one day”
With great enthusiasm two friends of mine volunteered to participate in my new workshop. They came down to my studio and worked hard all day to make a leather tote in their favorite color.

I pre-cut the body of the totes, to make it easier for them to complete the tote in one day. It was surprising, even for me, that the same piece of leather (in size) can yield a completely different result. Just by making a different type of bottom or through different placing of the straps. It was great fun to see how they learned from each other and had eye for detail when finishing their bags.  To add a personal touch they each stamped their name in their bag. After an inspiring workshop, my “students” treated me to dinner in a very nice restaurant not far from my home!
And for me? For me it was a relaxing day that prompted a lot of new ideas.  To be repeated for sure!


IMG_0572 2


Workshop II: Leather tote
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