I’d like to introduce you to my tote bag “BIG”. Last summer I made this model for a friend who was looking for a big black shopper.


The tote bag turned out to be a big hit with my friend and I liked making it, so I decided to make a few variations!

Below is the bag I recently made for my daughter, in beautiful  distressed leather. The beauty of this leather is that with use the character and aging process enhances the look of the leather. This tote bag has a large zippered pocket inside and a  zipper clutch.  Inside are two short straps with swivel clasps to attach your keys and clutch to.



I have also made these tote bags for my Etsy shop in the colors cognac, purple, and rust orange. At first I created  them with a large zippered bag inside, but later on I also made them with a large zippered pocket inside and a small separate clutch


For more pictures, please look at my Etsy shop: Orange tote BIG, Lavender tote BIG

Tote bag: BIG

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