In a blog in August 2015, I told you about the tassels I made for a client in the US. You can read all about this order here. Since then my husband has made some “tassel cutters” and tassel making is even more fun than before. Also the proces is now more like team work. I place and replace the cutter on the leather piece and my husband does the pressing through the leather. Like to read more about it? Take a look here .

A few weeks ago the US customer emailed me again for more tassels. This customer has a small shop in New York and my tassels fit perfectly in his product range of colorful luxury leather goods. This customer is really easy to work with. He just tells me which colors he likes and what style he prefers. Assignments like these really allow me to put a lot of my creativity in an order!

I start with tassels made of a contrasting leather glued at the back side. And since I have a huge range of  colors in leather paint, the combinations are almost endless. I have begun using stripes on the fringes and painting the tops of the tassels, but more patterns are already popping up in my mind. Some new tassels are already available in my Etsy shop.  I will tell more about my painting adventures in another blog.


IMG_5280 (2)

Tasselmania 2.0

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