Tassels, I love to create them, because it gives me the opportunity to experiment with different kinds of leather and color combinations. Besides new inspiration, they turn in to yet another gorgeous new product for my shop.

This week I tried something new: a leather fringe combined with metal beads. I made a neutral color tassel with gold beads and a red leather one with silver beads. They are both available in my shop. In my other shop you can find the clutches shown in the pictures. The fringe of the natural tassel I hand cut from a vegetable tanned leather cow hide, the red one is made from suede cord.

Suede cord tassel DIY
If you love hand crafts, the suede cord tassel might be a lovely DIY Christmas present for you to make by yourself. Items needed:
-A 3 mm square suede cord (I used red, but you can use any color you want)
-Silver tone beads with a large enough hole to fit the cord through
-A silver tone spacer to pull the cord through (alternatively you can also wrap the same cord around the top end)
-A swivel clasp with ring (or an ordinary keyring)

1. Cut the cord in 4 pieces in to slightly different lenghts
2. Fold the cord in half through the ring
3. Attach the spacer right below the ring. Be sure to secure the spacer with some glue so that it will not slide out of place when the tassel is in use.
4. String a bead to each cord and secure the ends of the cord with a tightly pulled knot to secure them.
5. There is no 5th step! You just made a wonderful present for your friend, or you can keep it for yourself of course!

If you decide to make this tassel, be sure to send me a picture of the result and inspire other readers!

And don’t forget Rinarts’ special holiday bonus! Readers of my blog will receive a 15% discount in my ETSY shops Rinarts and RinartsAtelier for Christmas. To receive the discount use the coupon code: BLOGXMAS2013 when placing your order. The offer lasts until the 1st of December.



New tassels and a DIY tassel!
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