This week I’d like to share with you the new bags I have been working on. They are the new additions to the Rinarts Bags. These new Rinarts bags have large drop-in pockets: one at the front and one at the back. They connect at the bottom, so that, in reality, it is one large open pocket. These pockets are big enough to carry your iPad Mini or e-reader, but of course you can also drop in your favorite paper novel 🙂
All  Rinarts tote bags have slightly different dimensions, because the size of the leather hide (or piece of leather) I work with determines the final measurements of the bag.
If you are interested, but like an other color combination, do not hesitated to contact me about the possibilities. Coming weeks I will experiment with the Rinarts bag with pockets made from hair-on hides.

The B&W version is already available in my shop, be sure to check it out!



Rinarts’ bag with drop in pockets
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