Two years ago I received a request for a Teddy Bear charm to commemorate a newborn baby. The customer sent me a detailed drawing with instructions of the preferred appearance of the Teddy Bear. The customer really excited and happy with her Teddy Bear keychain; she even bought more as a charm for her diaper bag. You can read all about “the making of” in my blogpost here.

Since I already have a Kitten charm, I could just add this Teddy Bear as a new product to my collection of bag charms and keychains. However I wanted the new Teddy Bear to be a bit different, even though the Teddy I made two years ago was already cute.I looked around for inspiration, but could not find a suitable template. That is, until I visited a kitchen tools store and found a cookie cutter (4×4 cm), which had the exact shape I had in mind.

I cut the bear from a piece of leather and refined the shape a bit more and finally made a size I wanted in blue kraft paper (see photos below). I asked my cutter supplier to make a leather cutter for me.  It took many (!) emails before I got the shape I liked. I was glad my cutter supplier was so patient with me, because the result is absolutely adorable.

It is an absolute pleasure to rummage through my boxes with leather pieces to mix and match colored leather and glue them together so they can be used for the colorful Teddy Bears. You will find the Teddies soon as a new item in my Etsy shop Rinartsatelier. As an extra serviceI I can also hot stamp the name of the baby or another text on it.

New Teddy Bear Charm

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