A story about a minor writing error with – literally – major consequences.

Last month I wanted to replace my old circular shaped punches. Since I have a knee-lever-press, I have replaced some of my old punches by modern ones (read more about this press in one of my earlier blog posts).  The two punches I wanted to order this time, have a diameter of 32 MM and 35 MM. Sizes I often use for personalised tags for bags and zipper pouches.
So I mailed my supplier and asked him to make new ones for me.This ordering by mail I have been doing for years now, and always works perfect. Only this time I am afraid I was already thinking about my coming wintersport holiday, and instead of MM, I wrote CM behind the number.

A minor writing error, but what consequences! 
A big surprise was waiting for me when I came to collect my punches: these punches were huge and did not fit im my handbag😳

Fortunately my mistake has a happy end: without extra charge my supplier send me a couple of days later the punches I originally had in mind. Great service!

Coming weeks I will think about what to do with the large circular punches. I have noticed I can easily punch the large cirkels by hand ( see photos) so I am thinking of selling the 35 CM, and keep the 32 CM for a new circular shaped bag. Who knows: maybe this will be the start of a new series of Rinarts bags.

A minor writing error with major consequences

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