After 5 years of making bags for others, I finally made a bag for myself. After a lifetime of bag shopping, I had every model and color my heart desired.  I could not fathom ever needing another bag, even when creating beautiful bags myself. ‘I’d rather make them for others,’ I frequently replied when someone asked me about it.

Fast forward to the moment I bought myself a lush woolen dress in a beautiful beige-brown color with a grey melange. Gracefully combined with right color pants and ankle boots and completed with a red-brown wooden brooch and my red spectacles, I had a superb combination.  But alas, none of my bags had the right color to make my outfit shine. A quick search through my stock, and there it was: a small piece of leather, a remnant of a BIG tote I made last year for my daughter. Combined with a piece red leather this would be my new bag!

The bag has a red drop-in pocket inside and a zipper pocket in front for easy phone access. As you can see, I could not resist to add some extra red details.

My sister-in-law was quick to spot the new addition to my collection. She immediately fell in love and asked me to make something similar for her friend. So I did :-). Because I like to make every bag slightly unique, the new bag is a little bit less square and made in taupe and red. It’s also fitted with a red zipper.
IMG_1148 2

Made myself a new bag

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