After years of cutting, shaving and grinding, I have finally gone and ordered a customized heart-shaped punch tool for my heart-shaped cable organizers.When the large heart was finished I was so excited about the beautiful punch tool shape, I immediately ordered two more sizes! For this I designed a series of hearts in three different sizes, a large one for my cable organizers, a medium-sized for the key chains and the smallest one for decorations and to be used as a name tag.

It is a joy to make the cable organizers now, the punch-tool ensures clean-cut hearts and after burnishing the edges to make them smooth, they truly have a  professional quality and beauty.


At this moment I am exploring the other possible applications for my leather hearts. The facilitated making process enables me to be more creative with my hearts. I can easily use them as a decoration for purses, cardholders and bags. And remember Paula the bookbinder I befriended a few months ago? She can monogram the hearts to personalize them! I will tell you about the ongoing results of our collaboration in one of my next blogs posts.

I am planning to make these hearts available for your DIY projects, so join me next time when I will introduce some DIY ideas with my hearts!




Let the heart speak
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