IMG_4089Dear customers,

I hope you managed to do all your Christmas shopping and are all set for Christmas dinner!

We had some amazingly busy weeks and I just sent out the final parcels while doing my own christmas shopping.

We hope that your Rinarts shopping experience was great and if you have any comments or suggestions we would love to hear from you. I can use your feedback to improve your shopping experience next year.

Let me conclude by whishing you all happy holidays and a fantastic 2014 in good health and lots of happiness for you and your family!

So stay tuned!


Skating on one of the oldest the canals of Leiden, the Netherlands

Christmas market on one of  the oldest canals in Leiden

Christmas market, Leiden.

In the background the very old bridge over the “nieuwe Rijn” (de Koornbrug, 1642, the roof was built in 1834) and the tower of the old Town Hall of Leiden.

Happy Holidays!

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