Inspired by the abstract paintings of Rothko I  have started hand painting leather in this style. I use several different colors ecological leather paint, experimenting and mixing the paints to acquire the desired tones. Because the eco dye I use has a high penetration and dyeing power, the end result will be very durable and robust and remains vibrant even when exposed to the elements..  I also experiment with different kinds of leather to see wich kinds delivered the best results. For this I use different kinds of vegetable tanned leather, white and natural aniline dyed leather. To enrich and fixate the colors I use a satin top finish especially for natural vegetable tanned leather.

After a lot of trial and error, I can finally say I am pleasantly surprised by the results. The different kinds of leather yielded very different yet very interesting colors. It has also become apparent that even similarly colored leather will yield entirely different results when dyed, due to the type and structure of the leather. But even very similar looking natural vegetable tint leather will give very different results. It is because of this, I have to try the dye on a small sample before committing to a whole bag or clutch.

Now I like to proudly introduce you to my first hand painted clutches: The Rothko Clutch I complete with antique brass hardware and a brown leather strap and the Rothko Clutch II with gold tone hardware and gold a colored leather wristlet strap. You can find these clutches in my Rinarts shop.

To top it off I have also made a cover for a pocket-size Moleskine notebook. Want to see how it turned out? Click here!
I have really enjoyed this experiment in hand painting and will definitely create more hand painted items in future. Curious as to what my next creation will be? Please follow my blog!





Handpainting leather
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