A few months ago I posted a blog about gift wrapping my items. (Read about that at the bottom of this page.). But before I wrap small or delicate items in the gift bags or sachets, I wrap them in very thin foam for protection, as you can see in this pic below.


This foam, and other packaging materials, I recycle from packages and parcels I received myself. I have done this for many years. Lately however I frequently ran out of this thin foam. Most packages I receive now contain bubble plastics. But these are to thick for my small items.
So after years of recycling, I searched the internet for this foam and last week I put an order for the smallest amount of this thin foam I could buy. This should solve my foam shortage for coming years!  Yesterday my husband called me, while I was working in my studio, and said that a parcel had arrived for me. I asked him to bring it upstairs (which he usually does). But this time he said I’d better come down to have I look at what I purchased this time.
And there it was: 60 cm in height, and 100 cm in diameter.

My wrapping problem has gone, but I am afraid I have created a storage problem. 🙂

IMG_5356 (1)

Put a ribbon on it!


Gift Wrapping 2.0

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