Do you have a piece of furniture you’re really attached to? Well, read on about this small DIY restoration project!
My brother sent me some pictures of his favorite mustard yellow arm-chair of which the arms were very worn. He had already looked at some other chairs, but none of those were as good as his old chair. So in the end he asked me if I could restore his beloved chair.

Two views of my brother’s chair, side by side:

RinatasSDS 035
RinatasSDS 036

As you can tell from photo’s above: this could turn out to be a real challenge!
After some browsing in my leather stock , I found a piece of supple brown leather, which seemed to fit the job just right.
I made the pattern and did the fitting on my own red “Charly” chair which had about the same arm size. IMG_6764

The end result: This chair is good to go for a couple more decennia!

Afbeelding 2
Afbeelding 4

DIY restoration of a leather chair

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