Earlier I told you about the heart punches I designed and had made. I am very enthusiastic about the shape of these hearts. During the last months I had a lot of them punched in different sizes and in a variety of  colors. Especially for this I recently bought a vintage book-press so I can stamp the hearts myself. Still one at a time, though ;-), but they punch out beautifully. The smaller ones I punch myself, but for the largest heart I need more muscle, so I call on my husband to lend me a helping hand.

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-02 om 13.48.15
I make beautiful items from them such as cable organizers and key-rings. Besides those, I use the smallest of the hearts as little gifts or as a tag on a clutch.  Invariably I receive very enthusiastic feedback from clients when their parcel is wrapped with a little heart as decoration, or when their clutch has a heart-shaped tag with their initials stamped in it.
It made me think: why not sell these heart for DIY projects? At this moment I am working on creating enough stock for my shop so I can sell them. Want to know how this project continues? Be sure to check back regularly!

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-02 om 13.33.03

DIY hearts (1)

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