It’s inspiring to work with customers to create that special item fitted to their desires.
Clients frequently ask me about making an item in another color or color combinations. Their suggestions often generates a spark of new designs. Offering custom items is a great way to connect with your clients, expand your inventory, or refine items that are already in your shop.

The search for the right leather or lining can be arduous, but the happiness of the client, lovingly toting their custom order, is a great reward. Some customers know exactly what they want and the customizing process can be swift. Sometimes my patience is tried by whimsical clients, who change their minds after every email sent. But you get better in guessing the clients wishes and guiding them through the process.

Trying to see things from a client’s perspective can help save stress, time and money down the line. When you and the client are both happy about the end result, it is truly satisfying! Knowing you really made someones day.

Custom orders are like travels. Sometimes the ride is smooth, sometimes it’s bumpy, but in the end you’ll always gain new insight and a great sense of fulfillment.

Visit my Etsy Leather Bag shop to see more Q-bag clutches.
Next time I will give you a peak into my recent collection of custom made accessories, stay tuned!

Some of the gorgeous quilt cotton linings you see in the pictures are purchased from Quilt Kompas. Click on the images to enlarge.

Custom orders (I): Leather bags and clutches

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