Looking for a small clutch to carry with you on a night out? Want a cute pouch you can store your phone, keys and makeup when going to that christmas dinner-party? Take a look at my colorful and super useful clutches and pouches.

The Q-Bag
This week I’d like to introduce you to the Quarter-bag (or Q-bag) clutch.  Although its compact looks, this clutch is actually quite spacious on the inside. Due to the special design, the Q-bag is not flat but stitched in such a way that the four triangles form a shaped pouch.
The Q-bag is a very versatile clutch, use it as a wristlet, a bag organiser, a cosmetic bag and of course.. as a clutch!
The Q-bag is available in different color combinations and leather styles. It is also possible to vary the leather combinations: Choose the clean style of the unicolor clutch or get in swing with multi color clutches.

The Q-bag is available with or without wrist strap. The clutch comes in different price ranges, depending on color and materials used, from €25 to €35 ($34-$48). Custom orders are accepted.

The clutches are lined with carefully selected cotton fabrics, quilted fabric or luxurious cotton-silk combinations.

Because of the endless creative combinations of fabric, leather and zipper color,  every Q-bag clutch is unique.  From understated to flamboyant,  there is something for everyone! Please contact me for the possibilities.

Also check my blog next week, when I will be putting my other clutches and zipper pouches in the spotlight.










Christmas gift ideas 5 : The Q-bag clutch
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