Last month I visited my local leather supplier and he showed me his newest fabric: Cork! I had never worked with cork before, so naturally I was intrigued.  I took on the challenge to remake some of my products out of cork and it worked out very well as you can see in the pictures below. The surface of cork is very smooth and soft to the touch, almost comparable with suede.


This fabric is made out of genuine cork,  adhered to a quality cotton layer. Genuine cork is very lightweight, water-resistant, durable and as soft and supple as leather. It is an eco-friendly product, 100% natural, extracted from the bark of the cork oak, wear-resistant, recyclable, biodegradable and dust repellant … among many other qualities. Cork is easy to clean with mild soap and water using a cloth or soft brush.

You can find more pictures of these notebooks and zippered wallets here. The zippered pouches are available here
I will definitely make some more accessories from this lovely material!

IMG_9046 kopie
IMG_9029 kopie

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